Saturday, 30 July 2011

When slashers become reality.

Dear readers,

although this blog is (as you'll know) irregularly updated at best, there is a reason why it's not being updated currently.

As most of you will know, things have been all but normal and peaceful in Norway for the past week.

For those of you who don't know, I am a Norwegian who's lived most of my life in Oslo. I returned here about a year and a half ago after having studied abroad, and had the pleasure of falling in love all over again with the city of Oslo.

After the massacre which took place last Friday, I've had absolutely no urge to watch slasher films, most of which obviously include innocent teenagers being slaughtered.

I'm always the one to insist, when friends call me a weirdo for finding pleasure in watching these types of films, that they have nothing to do with reality and are only shallow entertainment. At the moment though, that kind of shallow entertainment seems to have come a bit too close to reality.

I just need a brief break from all of this, and I will return to the world of horror/slasher films soon, as they can almost be described as one of the big loves of my life – and I will return to update this blog as sporadically as ever. But I ask for your understanding in that I cannot bring myself to watch, or write about, slasher films in this specific situation.

H x