Friday, 25 March 2011

Norwegian Ninja

Hello dear readers (or those of you who have randomly stumbled upon this site whilst searching for pictures of alien tits etc),

1) I've written a thing about Norwegian Ninja for the hub site over at Cult Labs. Not only should you read my post (obviously), but you should definitely have a look around the site and the forums as well, it's a cool place. Norwegian Ninja will be out on DVD on April 18.
 (PS: It took me a while to spot the pretty subtle scroller (is that an actual word?), but it is there, just on the right hand side of the top blog post – scroll down for plenty more, including the post signed by yours truly)

2) I will actually update this blog soon as well – I've got a SMASHING post about the evolution of rape-revenge films up my, umm, sleeve. Until then, have a good weekend, and remember, kids: It's only a movie.


  1. I demand more tits, and more screams!

  2. Rest assured that in my rape-revenge post, there will be an absolute abundance of both.

  3. Alright Andrew I hope you're paying attention