Saturday, 30 October 2010

Link sharing time!

The Thing fan fiction – written from the perspective of the Thing. Thanks to whoever sent me this link, but I can't remember who that was just now. Oh well.

Another take on Death of the Final Girl – really quite different to what I was saying in my previous post, definitely an interesting read too.

Hello Sidney – All things Scream, complete with live countdown to Scream 4.

Also, I highly recommend you pick up the November issue of Total Film. It has one of those "Top 25 Horror Films" things, but what makes this one great is that all the films in the list have been voted in by (in)famous horror directors and other horror personalities, so it's not just the geeky wankery film mag editors list. Although obviously those can be quite good as well. THE BEST FILM IN THE WORLD made it to number 1 as well, which nearly brought a tear to my eye (in all seriousness).

Finally, if you haven't been watching the History of Horror documentary series on BBC 4 you should be sure to search them up on t'internet (some clips are on youtube but I don't think the full episodes are there yet). The first episode covers all the really early stuff (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc), the second focuses mostly on Hammer films and some other British stuff from that era. The third one is bound to be the most popular one as it kicks off with Psycho and guides you through a very basic history of classic American slashers.

Oh, and... Happy Halloween.


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